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Dynamic Light Scattering

Protein Solutions DynaPro MSTC (temperature-controlled, micro-sampler)

The DynaPro-MS (MicroSampler) is an ultra-sensitive instrument combining 45 µl sample volumes with the highest sensitivity available over the 0.5 nm - 200 nm radius size range. The DynaPro is highly sensitive in the detection of aggregation — even trace amounts — which often go undetected with other techniques such as gel filtration chromatography. It measures the hydrodynamic radius down to 1.0nm and provides the distribution independent of solvent conditions so that the macromolecular behavior may be studied in virtually any solution condition. Measurements take only a few minutes and samples are generally recoverable.

For questions about getting started with a Dynamic Light Scattering project:

Dr. Kamal Singh
Assistant Director, Molecular Interactions Core
Assistant Research Professor, Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Office: 471b Life Sciences Center
Lab: 442 Life Sciences Center
Phone: 573-882-9024 or 573-884-1281

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