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Core Affiliated Faculty

  • Lesa Beamer

    Professor of Biochemistry

    Office: 105A Schlundt Annex
    Phone: 573-882-6072

    Structural biology: X-ray crystallography of medically important proteins

  • Fabio Gallazzi

    Peptide Chemist

    Office: 302/313 Chemistry Bldg
    Phone: 573-884-8943

    Synthesis and analyses of biopolymers: Peptides, peptidomimetics and bioconjugates for biomedical applications

  • Tom Quinn

    Professor of Biochemistry

    Office: 234A Schweitzer Hall
    Phone: 573-882-6099

    Cancer diagnostics, radiopharmaceutical imaging and therapy; cell and molecular imaging

  • Stefan Sarafianos

    Professor of Molecular Microbiology & Immunology

    Office: 471D Bond Life Sciences Center
    Phone: 573-882-4338

    Molecular mechanisms of drug resistance and inhibition of HIV, SARS, and other viral and bacterial pathogens

  • Jack Tanner

    Professor of Biochemistry

    Office: 203A Schlundt Annex
    Phone: 573-884-1280

    X-ray crystallography of proline metabolic enzymes, bacterial virulence proteins and anti-DNA antibodies; structural bioinformatics of protein-bound water; molecular dynamics simulations of biological molecules

  • Steve Van Doren

    Professor of Biochemistry

    Office: 37A Schweitzer Hall
    Phone: 573-884-6405

    Structural biology: NMR investigations of protein structure, dynamics and protein-protein interactions, particularly proteins important in inflammatory diseases